Earth: It is the year 1980.
It was the 8th of June in 1971 in Germany and I was an eight year old schoolboy. The series UFO already aired 9 month earlier in the UK and I remember it as if it was yesterday when my father told me to stay up this evening because he wanted to show me something on TV. I really had no idea what awaited me. And my father, who wanted it to be a surprise for me hid the TV-Newspaper somewhere.
When it was 9 o'clock in the evening (and my mother wasn't really OK with my fathers idea) I watched the first scenes from UFO. I was blown away immediately and a new Science Fiction fan was born.
The episode "Identified" was named "Der erste Alarm" (The first alert) in Germany. And the next day two other boys and me had nothing else in mind at school but to talk about that new show. Oh yes father... it's your fault, that I am who I am today. Thank you for that! :)

For the first time I've seen UFOs, Moonbases, SHADO Interceptors, Mobiles, scary aliens, in silver dressed beautyful girls with purple wigs and of course suspenseful stories.

But I have to admit that I was much more interested in aliens and space-vessels that time than in Gay Ellis and her female comrades. It took some more years to realize what a beauty Lieutenant Ellis is.

UFO was sometimes a scary show but I didn't had a problem with that as a boy. When I see how parents protect their children from programs like UFO today, I'm not so sure if they're somehow "overprotective".

During it's first run on TV in Germany my friends and I began to collect the Panini stickers. And on christmas '71 I got the Dinky Mobile, Strakers car and the Interceptor a few month later on my ninth birthday. I still remember my grandmother showing my father what she had as a gift for me... "Ist das, das richtige?" (Is that the right thing?). YES, it was!

UFO was the right thing for me. The series started everything. A year after, Star Trek began it's first run here followed by Space: 1999 years later. I watched it all.
Why, oh why can't they do something like this anymore today?