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Welcome to my homepage!
I've created this website for the british science fiction series SPACE: 1999, wich I'm a fan of since my childhood. SPACE: 1999 aired in the late 1970s and for me filled the gap that STAR TREK left before.
I started and restarted this website several times now. But for different reasons and even serious health issues the work to keep it up was too much for me.
The design for this page has a 1970's and of course SPACE: 1999 approach. It took a lot of time for me to have it done like this.
This site already contains an episode guide with pictures. I also created a mini-poster for every episode. The posters will be available for download soon.
Later, if time permits, I will also compose some music that is based on Barry Gray's and Derek Wadsworth's work for these two years. There will also be sections for information about Alpha personell and the series Technology.

I removed all movie and television news from the previous versions. But in time I'm going to recreate my sites of the predecessor of SPACE: 1999... Gerry Anderson's UFO! The old version of the UFO site is still available through this link.